You can download for free the programs Xlisp and Qlisp:

The binary files and the complete sources are joined together in tar files and then compressed with gzip. Under Unix, call the function tar with the syntax "tar -zxf name.tgz". Under Windows, use a program like "winzip". If you have chosen a version including the binaries, launch afterwards the program "install[.exe]" which you will find in the root directory. The versions for Unix and MS-Windows have different binary files; the source files are identical. To build Xlisp or Qlisp, we use the compiler GCC under Unix; under Windows GCC with MinGW and/or BC5 and C++Builder of Borland.

If you want to add functions or if the dynamic libraries are not compatible with your system, you have to recompile the programs. The help files of Xlisp or Qlisp will give you additional information.

And now, finally, have a good download...

(NT*, 2000, XP, 7, 8)
(~2.0Mb, 31/09/2012)
(~4.3Mb, 29/01/2015)
Linux (i686) xlisp43-linux-i686.tgz
(~2.1Mb, 31/09/2012)
(~4.4Mb, 29/01/2015)
Linux (x86_64) xlisp43-linux-x86_64.tgz
(~2.2Mb, 31/09/2012)
(~4.4Mb, 29/01/2015)
Solaris (sun4v)* xlisp43-sun4v.tgz
(~1.8Mb, 03/06/2009)
(~3.6Mb, 03/06/2009)

Source files only
(without TclTk)

(~0.7Mb, 31/09/2012)
(~2.2Mb, 29/01/2015)
* NT sans le module dshow.dll, Solaris sans Video4Linux

Please verify the integrity of the files with md5.txt.

The distributions of Xlisp and Qlisp contain the dynamic libraries of TclTk 8.4.9. If you want to recompile them, you can download their sources from the site

We are interested in your comments about the two programs. Perhaps you have carried out improvements, or even discovered a bug?

In these cases, and all the others, send us a message.

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